Monday, 29 November 2010

Enfield Poltergeist

Between August 1977 and September 1978 a series of events attributed to a poltergeist were investigated at a house in Ponders End, Enfield.
An account was published as 'This House is Haunted' by Guy Lyon Playfair. There's planty of details elsewhere on the internet and an interesting report from BBC's 'Nationwide' on Youtube, but the main fascination in these pics was always the posters on the wall.


Between Channels said...

David Soul looks on ... I've always been fascinated by this strange episode, and the way it gives you a look into an actual seventies home, rather than a sanitised or recreated version. The two favourite moments (if you can call them that) are when the 'spirit' says "I'm a G-H-O-S-T" in a very growly voice, and when Maurice Grosse gets hit on the head by a cushion and says "Are you having a game with me?". This is a wonderful site, thank you for posting.


Thanks BC. Love your blog, great pics and interesting to read about the Merrion Centre. I grew up in Huddersfield so remember trekking over to Jumbo records when it was in there.