Friday, 18 June 2010

A Walk Through H

Tulse Luper arranged all these drawings in order for me one Monday afternoon when he heard that I was ill.
This was one of the drawings, in fact, he'd given me himself. It's one of a pair, though he told me not to bother to look for the other one.
These two drawings I had received anonymously on different occasions through the post.
This one I'd bought. I remember it cost me very little.
And these two were stolen though not by me. I was just the receiver.
This one I copied from a drawing at Bridsaw.
And this one I did steal - from the man who looked after the owls at the Amsterdam Zoo.
These two were given to me, probably as a birthday present.
Tulse Luper came back about eleven in the evening and told me that this drawing was probably the one I would need first.

So begins Colin Cantlie's narration for this amazing 1978 Peter Greenaway film in which the camera travels across a series of drawings - or maps as they are referred to - which we initially see en masse located in a gallery space before being emmersed in 40 minutes of ink and watercolour.
As the film progresses, there are increasingly frequent cut-ins of scenes of birds; the film's full title being 'A walk through H: The reincarnation of an ornithologist'. The wonderful score is by Michael Nyman, with a shorter version of the piece appearing on the Les Disques du Crepuscule compilation 'From Brussels with Love'.

The Boy Who Turned Yellow

Made for the Childrens' Film Foundation in 1972 by Powell/Pressburger.