Thursday, 18 June 2009

Scala Cinema

This is a programme from the old Scala Cinema at Kings X London. The month's screenings used to be presented on an A2 folded poster with amazing cut and paste collages like this on the front and details on the back. This is from Oct 1988 with highlights including a 'PREGNANT JUVENILE DELINQUENTS' triple bill (A taste of Honey, L-Shaped Room, Blue Jeans), several Herschell Gordon Lewis features and the regular Saturday all-nighter (ALL-NIGHT URBAN TERROR, ALL-NIGHT (VINCENT) PRICE FRIGHTS, ALL-NIGHT FEAR OF THE FUTURE etc).


sculptor1 said...

Ah the Scala. I loved that place.
Seats that collapsed halfway through a film, popping out to the foyer to buy sandwiches, cake and a can of Guinness.
The mad murals painted on the foyer walls.
The cinema cat that brushed against the back of your legs during The Exorcist.

And the monthly double bill of Cafe Flesh / Thundercrack that always played to a packed house.

Cyberschizoid said...

Best. Cinema. Ever!!!