Thursday, 7 May 2009

Gentlemen take Polaroids

Cracking Play For Today from 1977 by 'Robin Redbreast' writer John Bowen, who once again examines a case of the bourgeoisie coming up against 'country ways'.
Snobbish radio arts presenter Michael Otway (John Stride) is anonymously sent a photograph of two girls sat outside a caravan which raises suspicions from his wife, Gillian (Stephanie Turner) over his fidelity. The marriage is already under strain and it is suggested that Stride, who we see is having an affair, is consciously trying to drive his wife to suicide. Gillian becomes obsessed with the photograph to such an extent that Stride sets out to find the location of the caravan....
The play is notable for Freda Bamford, who plays a role similar to the housekeeper Mrs Vigo in 'Robin Redbreast' - another practitioner of forgotten magic....

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