Friday, 14 March 2008

Rapt in a blanket

Baby written by Nigel Kneale 1976

This was part of the series BEASTS made by ATV in the mid-seventies.
Vet (Simon MaCorkindale) is desperate for some real experience, as opposed to treating pets in the city, and his wife, who is desperate to conceive, move to an old cottage in the country.
Whilst renovations to their house are taking place, they discover a strange mummified creature in an alcove between one of the walls. Part pig-like, part lamb, neither the vet, or his boss, can identify the creature. His wife just wants the thing removed from the house, especially after one of the workmen, with knowledge of the 'old ways', says it was put there by someone wanting to put a curse on the place, adding that nothing grows on the surrounging land - and in a chilling foretaste of what is to come says; 'That was suckled by a human'.
MaCorkindale's wife wants the creature removed, but unbeknown to her, he stashes it in a cupboard in what is planned to be the nursery. As his wife grows more disturbed by a strange atmosphere in the cottage, she is awakened one night to noises downstairs, and as she descends the staircase we hear sucking noises. As she stares in horror at the rocking chair we see a horrific figure feeding the creature, now alive in her arms.


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hi there,
The pictures are screenshots taken from the dvd