Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Smash it up!


A BBC Childrens' serial first aired in 1975, based on a trilogy of books by Peter Dickinson. The programme was introduced with the words 'A science fiction serial for older viewers...' - something of an understatement, it could be said. Looking more like a government information film on how to survive a nuclear war, rather than a piece of tea-time entertainment. The series begins with a seemingly ordinary family becoming crazed by a weird droning sound which impels them to smash up all the electrical equipment in their home, outside, the chaos is widespread; mobs are overturning vehicles or setting them alight, while a preacher warns of the end of the world. As the series develops, the heroine, a teenage girl named Nicky, loses her parents and eventually ends up in a country village where she is subject to a modern-day witch trial, complete with a self-styled witchfinder intent on 'dipping her in the pond'. Welcome to childrens' television in the 1970s.

Watch a ten-minute montage of the series, here:

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