Wednesday 22 October 2008

Random Asst I

Quatermass and the Pit - BBC TV


Quatermass and the Pit

Hob Nob

The Fall 'Slates' back cover

HP Lovecraft paperback

Quatermass and the Pit

The Fall 'City Hobgoblins' 7"

Friday 10 October 2008

A nice wee present from.... Ivor Cutler

In 1998 I sent one of my books to Ivor Cutler, c/o the BBC, and was thrilled to receive a package a few weeks later containing several of his famous 'stickies' and the above note.

A collection of Ivor Cutler's stickers was produced by the small press 'PICKPOCKETS'. entitled 'befriend a bacterium'. It's probably out of print by now, but is well worth tracking down.

Most of his albums have been getting re-releases over the past few years. One omission is PRINCE IVOR, which is a wonderful collection of plays for Radios 3 and 4. Although separate pieces, they flow so well together they form a kind of modern equivalent of Alice in Wonderland, in which Ivor encounters, among others, a mole, a miner, a mermaid, and King Neptune. There is such a lot of space in the recordings; you listen to a lot of silence - sometimes punctuated by footsteps - but it is totally entrancing. There are extracts of eastern European folk music, and a piece from Burundi - the latter in the form of Ivor's new disc which he plays for his dad.
Highly recommened, and which hopefully will at some point get a release on CD thanks to this site:

From my scrapbook - part 1

This photograph was clipped from the International Herald Tribune, probably late 1990s, early 2000s. It accompanied a motor racing report. The only reference to the eagle in the whole piece was in the strapline of the picture, which said that the winner was attacked by the bird as he stood celebrating on the podium. I found it bizarre for nothing else to have been written on the matter.